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Prescription information

Prescription information

Items that need a prescription

If you see the above sign next to an item you’d like to order, it means the item can only be issued with a prescription. While you can add these items to your shopping cart and pay for them along with other non-prescription products, we can’t dispatch them until we’ve received a prescription.

Need a prescription?
We accept either:
A standard veterinary prescription – just ask your vet. They may charge a small fee.
A copy of the prescription form below, completed by your vet and including their signature.
Print out this form and ask your vet to fill it in: Veterinary Prescription
Got a prescription?
You can send us your prescription in a number of ways:

Please note: for Controlled Medication (such as Epiphen) we require a hard copy of the original prescription so we can only accept posted prescriptions - emailed, faxed or uploaded copies cannot be accepted.
Upload: Scan or photograph your prescription and upload it with your order..
Post: Write your order number on top of your prescription and post it to:
            Bob Martin Vetcare
            Unit 7b
            Burnett Business Park
            Gypsy Lane
            BS31 2ED
            United Kingdom

Fax: Write your order number on top of your prescription and fax it to 01225 738 588 (excluding controlled medication)
Email: Write your order number, attach a copy of your prescription and email it to:
Please note: We verify the authenticity of all prescriptions received with the vet who prescribed them. If we receive a prescription that is invalid, forged or altered, we’ll have no option but to de-activate the sender’s account. Please be aware:  it is a criminal offense to alter a prescription and as animal lovers we adopt a zero tolerance approach. We will report an offense to the VMD and charge you a reporting fee of £50. We really don’t want you to change a prescription. This is to ensure all of our medication falls into the right paws, rather than the wrong hands.

Repeat prescriptions
If your pet is on long-term medication, it may work out cheaper to request a repeat prescription from your vet. You won’t have to pay them for a new prescription every time and you won’t need to send us a copy with each order.
Please note: Controlled Medications such as Epiphen cannot be repeated, so any repeats on a prescription will not be authorised.
Every prescription you send will be saved in the ‘prescriptions’ tab on your account page. If it’s a repeat prescription you’ll be able to see how many more times you can use each prescription, or its expiry date.
Don’t forget to let your vet know you’d like a repeat prescription!

Does my vet have to issue a prescription?
Yes, your vet is legally obliged to issue you with a prescription but are allowed to make a reasonable charge for doing so. This is normally a nominal fee and should not be excessive or prevent you from purchasing a product. From our experience, most vets charge around £8-£12 but it can be more or less than this.

How long are prescriptions valid for?
Under UK law each prescription is valid for a maximum of six months from the date it is signed by a vet. This is restricted to 28 days for Controlled Drugs (these fall under the Controlled Drugs listed in Schedules 2-4 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 and your vet will be able to advise which drugs this relates to.

My uploaded prescription status is marked as "Pending" - what does this mean?
If you have uploaded a prescription in your Customer Account Prescriptions area before placing an order it will be automatically be marked as "Pending". This simply means that the prescription is available for you to 'assign' to a future prescription order that you place online and avoid you having to upload it again. The status will remain as "Pending" until it has been used with an online prescription order.