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How to look after your pet's eyes and ears

Take care of your Pet's eyes and ears.

If your pet has sore eyes or ears, you should get them checked by a vet. Minor problems can quickly escalate and become serious, sometimes requiring expensive treatment. 

However, there are things you can do at home to stop your pet developing problems with their eyes and ears in the first place. 

How to spot an ear infection

Dogs, in particular, are prone to ear infections. If your pet is scratching, or shaking their head a lot, this may indicate an ear infection. You may also notice a nasty smell near their ears, or thick brown wax in their ear canals. 

How to prevent an ear infection

Regularly cleaning your pet’s ears can prevent ear infections from developing or worsening. You should use an ear cleaner that’s specially designed for your dog or cat, such as [product] or [product], which will break down wax, dry out the ear and prevent bacteria from growing. 

To clean your pet’s ears, warm the solution in your pocket, then apply a small quantity down the ear canal and massage the base of the ear for 30-60 seconds. Use cotton wool to wipe out any excess cleaner and wax. 

If your pet won’t let you wipe the cleaner out, don’t worry – the hair in the ears will work it back up the canal. Make sure you reward your pet with a treat once you’ve finished. 

If your pet suffers from recurring ear infections, they may have a skin allergy. Switching to a hypoallergenic food can help clear this up. 


How to spot and treat eye problems

Some breeds are particularly prone to eye problems, particularly those with prominent or droopy eyes, or short tear ducts. 

If your pet develops a sore eye, has yellow discharge, paws at their eye, or if the eye looks swollen, you should get them checked by a vet. 

If you see brown or grey discharge, use some cool boiled water and cotton wool to gently clean the eyes. Make sure you use a separate piece of cotton wool for each eye, so any infections don’t spread. 

You can also keep your pet’s eyes and ears clean with these handy wipes

For more information on treating your pet’s eye and ear problems, speak to our vet.