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Battersea News

What's been going on at Battersea....

At Bob Martin Vetcare we believe everyone should have access to affordable pet care; we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of competitively priced pet supplies online to cover all of your pets’ needs, 

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has seen an increasing number of pets arriving through their doors because owners can’t afford their vet bills.

With owners finding it increasingly difficult to afford their pet’s medical bills, they see no alternative other than taking them to Battersea for treatment and to be rehomed.
Battersea aim to never turn away a dog or cat in need of help, but to cope with the increase in medical cases Battersea are building a new Vet Hospital, which Bob Martin Vetcare are helping to raise funds for, through donations made at the checkout on the site.

Head Vet, Shaun Opperman, who has been helping sick animals at the home for over 20 years said

“A new and improved Vet Hospital will make a huge difference to the level of care our clinic team are able to give. At the moment, we have a team of 35 Vets and Vet nurses working in a confined space and the new facilities will allow us to increase the procedures we perform and provide more care to our patients”.

Vet Hospital Updatevet-hospital.jpg

It’s not long now until Battersea Dogs & Cats Home brand new Vet Hospital opens its doors to the 8,000 dogs and cats that the Home cares for each year. The electrics have now been put in and builders are about to embark on laying the floors. After that they’ll be installing the new equipment to kit out rooms such as the new operating theatres and dental suite. Every aspect of the new Vet Hospital has been designed to speed up the treatment and recovery of Battersea’s animals so that the dogs and cats can continue on their journey to a new life and the Vet Team can’t wait to get it up and running.

A Batterse a Success Story
A litter of 10 Lurcher puppies were brought to Battersea’s Old Windsor centre this year in a terrible state. The sickly little puppies were eight weeks old when their owner, who could no longer care for them, dropped them off at the centre in Berkshire. They were emaciated and full of worms, which had to be treated with a course of worming tablets by Battersea’s vets and clinic nurses. The ten dogs, which were named after Lion King characters including Timone, Pumba and Zazu, have all now found happy homes where they can act like healthy, energetic young pups again.