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A chat with our resident Head Vet, Zoe

Meet our resident vet, Zoe, who is here to answer questions and give advice on keeping your pets happy and healthy

Here at Bob Martin we’re committed to keeping your pets happy and healthy. That’s why we have our resident vet, Zoe, on standby to offer advice and to answer your questions.

We thought it was time to get to know Zoe a bit better, so we sat down and asked her a few questions.

How long have you been a vet?

I graduated from Edinburgh University in 2001, so I have been a vet for 18 years..

What sort of animals do you normally treat?

When I first started I used to treat everything but now I specialise in small animals - mainly dogs and cats..

What’s the most unusual case you’ve treated?

I have seen quite a few unusual cases. I’ve helped with a monkey caesarean - which was amazing - and watched from afar as one of my colleagues took a blood sample from a crocodile! I’ve also removed various items from dogs’ stomachs, including a windscreen wiper and a whole toothbrush.

Why did you decide to become a vet?

Obviously I love animals, which was the main driver for me to do my veterinary degree. However a career in Veterinary Medicine is actually more about managing people, which - to my amazement - I found I was quite good at.

I also love the puzzle of figuring out what is wrong with an animal and, of course, making them better..

Why did you choose to work with Bob Martin?

Bob Martin’s mantra – which is to provide affordable pet care for everyone - struck a chord with me. As veterinary prices increase, some people find it difficult to provide veterinary care for their animals, whose health and wellbeing may suffer as a result.

By working with Bob Martin I can offer advice to people who otherwise may not be able to afford it, ultimately improving the health and welfare of the UK’s pet population..

Do you have any pets?

I have far too many pets! I have three dogs, three gerbils, a parrot, a rabbit, five chickens, four ducks, three sheep and a horse..


What’s the best part of being a vet?

The best part of being a vet is putting a smile back on someone’s face when you have cured their treasured pet..

What are the most common ailments you find yourself treating?

The most common thing I see in cats and dogs is dental disease. People still forget about the importance of looking after their pet’s teeth - especially in cats where owners rarely see inside their pet’s mouth..

Dental disease can cause severe pain - although your pet may not show it - and can also lead to heart and kidney disease. Most vets will do free clinics to check your pet’s teeth. They can also offer advice about how to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Thanks Zoe! For more advice from the vet, visit our Advice Centre.