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Bob Martin Clear Wormer Spot On for Cats
Bob Martin Clear Wormer Spot On for Cats

Bob Martin Clear Wormer Spot On for Cats

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Spot On for Cats – Cat Wormer

Active Ingredient: Praziquantal

Bob Martin Clear Spot On for Cats is a clinically proven cat wormer, proven to be 100% effective at controlling tapeworm in cats

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Available in Packs of 2 or 4 tubes

Please read product instructions before use.

There is no permanent treatment for tapeworms, and there aren’t always symptoms. Veterinarians recommend that cats be wormed regularly  monthly as a routine measure.

Bob Martin Clear Wormer Spot On for Cats (Cat Wormer) has been specially developed to make worming easy – without the bites and scratches and other problems associated with trying to give tablets to some cats. Simply apply the solution to the back of your cat’s neck for fast, effective treatment. This treatment starts working almost immediately after application.

Clinically proven cat wormer… As tapeworms are transmitted by fleas, it is also important to protect your home and pet against fleas. Control fleas around the home with a suitable product such a Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray and protect your pet by applying Bob Martin Clear Spot On for Cats regularly.

To find out the most up to date information about Bob Martin Clear Wormer Spot on for Cats (cat wormer), please read its Summary of product Characteristics (SPC) on the Veterinary Medical Directorate’s (VMD) Product Information Database here.

Save money by buying spot on cat wormer from us.

Bob Martin Clear Spot On Wormer: Notes from our vet

It’s really important to make sure you worm your cat regularly. If worms are allowed to build up then this can make your pet very ill.

However many owners struggle to get their cats to eat worming tablets. Bob Martin Clear Spot On Wormer may be the answer. It can be squeezed onto your cat’s fur and works quickly to get rid of tapeworms, one of the most common worms in cats.

Most tapeworms are spread by fleas so it’s a good idea to use a wormer at the same time as treating your pet for fleas.

If your cat hunts then it will probably have roundworms as well and you are going to need a different Spot-On treatment such as Advocate to tackle these.

If you are lucky and your cat is happy to take tablets then Bob Martin Clear Worming Tablets will tackle both types of worms.

Spot On Wormer can be used in cats of any age providing they are over 1kg in weight. Part the fur on the back of the neck and apply to the skin ensuring that as much product as possible comes into contact with it. If necessary spot on more than one place.

Putting it on the back of their neck makes it difficult for your cat to lick the wormer off. However if they do lick it don’t panic, the wormer isn’t toxic. Normally cats will just show a brief period of drooling then they will be fine.

It can be difficult to tell if your cat has worms although you may notice segments – they look a bit like grains of rice – in your cat’s faeces. No wormer has long lasting action so you should treat your cat every 1-3 months to make sure they stay worm free.

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Yes, effective and easy to use


Excellent product easier than tablets for the cat


Easy to use and seems to work- happy healthy looking cats!


Great product, good price, easy to apply and as far as I can see works well.


works well


Proven Treatment.


Purchased for someone else but believe the product worked as described.


Good product, easy to apply


So much easier to apply. Saves us both from so much stress.