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Pet Care Tips for Firework Season

17th October 2018

Here are a few helpful hints to help your pet cope with the stress of Bonfire Night.

How to Identify Lumps and Bumps on your Pet

1st October 2018

There are many types of lumps and bumps that can affect cats and dogs throughout their lifespan and some are more serious than others.

Flea Spray on Cats

13th September 2018

An effective way to stop a flea infestation is with Bob Martin Clear Flea Spray which controls fleas and ticks both on your pet and in your home.

How to Introduce a New Dog to a Home with Children

19th July 2018

Owning a small a pet and having children grow up around pets is great. However, it is important that children learn how to behaviour around and interact with pets.

​Raw Food - Is it safe for my pet?

19th July 2018

You don’t see wild dogs and cats eating tins of food, so why don’t we give our own pets raw meat all the time? Wouldn’t they rather be chewing on a steak bone than munching bowlfuls of dried breakfast

Feefo - Gold trusted merchant

19th July 2018

Thanks to our customer reviews we have achieved Gold Trusted Merchant status with Feefo!